Newest food-and-drink trends for gambling industry

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Newest food-and-drink trends for gambling industry

People who make bets on food keep up with the latest trends.

DraftKings has some good ideas for bookmakers and food establishments who want to come up with something unique for visitors.

DraftKings has announced plans to open state-of-the-art sports bars in Nashville and Detroit, in collaboration with Sports & Social online.

Obtaining permission from the state regulator is still necessary at this time.

“A lot of sports betting is now tightly connected to mobile applications, and engaging with the interesting Sports & Social restaurant projects is extremely important,” said Ezra Kucharz, DraftKings’ head of business.

Sports & Social is what can be described as a successful symbiosis of a high-end gaming hall and a social lounge company, already operating in the following locations:

  1. Battery near Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia.
  2. Ballpark Village near Bush Stadium in St. Louis.
  3. Texas Live! in the entertainment district of Arlington.
  4. Live! Casino Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh.
  5. Live! The Philadelphia Casino and Hotel in the Philadelphia Stadium District.
  6. Live! Casino and hotel Maryland in the Baltimore/Washington corridor.

According to company representatives, the exact location of the joint project between Sports & Social and DraftKings in Nashville and Detroit will be revealed this quarter.

Modern screens, a product of ICRAVE and designed specifically for sports and entertainment, will be installed in the premises, according to the specifications.

According to reports, marketing influencers are optimistic about this window of opportunity created by a 2018 Supreme Court decision. Remember that the court decided to lift the prohibition on placing wagers on certain sporting events for monetary gain.

Visitors can enjoy a wide range of bets as well as delectable food and beverages in the modern sports bar.

“We will now be able to introduce our high quality products aimed at sports betting customers by participating in the booming entertainment industry in the United States,” Ezra Kucharz said.

Betting shop expected in Detroit

In Detroit, there will be an offline betting office, but in Nashville, there will be none because local gambling legislation allows only online transactions.

Customers in Music City will be able to wager on sports using their mobile devices, but the state sports regulator in Tennessee has yet to approve this option.

DraftKings fantasy sports products are used in seven countries, and its technology is used by over 50 gambling operators in seventeen countries.

In a joint statement, DraftKings Sports and Social said:

DraftKings has formed partnerships with 14 different bookmakers in the United States, and new business opportunities are expected to emerge soon. This can be done via a mobile device or in a physical location in the United States. DraftKings offers a wide variety of sports events and betting options, including live betting, in both cases. In addition, DraftKings has signed sponsorship agreements with a number of professional sports teams and championships, enhancing the company’s visibility among sports fans.

Sports & Social prepares unique dishes, original cocktails and a host of entertainment events. Sports & Social is Live! Dining & Entertainment, a subsidiary of The Cordish Companies. Live! already has 55 million customers a year in restaurants, entertainment, music, casinos, hotels and sports clubs across the United States.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with such a successful company,” said Reed Cordish, CEO of The Cordish Companies. “DraftKings is the flagship of the betting and entertainment industry, and we are thrilled to be partnered with such a successful company.”

“We are doing everything we can to provide visitors with new technological solutions, and this partnership allows us to carry out our plans by allowing customers to watch sports matches and place bets on them all in one location.”

Which bookmakers will use the example of DraftKings and Social?

A similar partnership between BetMGM and Buffalo Wild Wings was launched in 2019, but the most active cooperation began in early spring, when the companies became official business partners.

The BetMGM app uses geolocation to connect with restaurant patrons in order to invite them to bet and display advertisements. On displays inside restaurants and bars, the gaming channel OT Odds Powered by BetMGM can be seen.

The channel offers live betting, fantasy sports betting and useful recommendations for bettors.

“Thanks to the partnership agreement signed with BetMGM, fans who bet on sports at Buffalo Wild Wings can now earn more betting income,” said Rita Patel, Buffalo Wild Wings’ head of marketing.

Blazin’ Bets bets and parlays in the BetMGM app are available on players’ mobile devices in US states where mobile betting is permitted by law.

Jessica Velman, an expert at, analyzed the current trend.

In a story for, she wrote, “Sports fans could set up a meeting, eat, and watch a match at Buffalo Wild Wings.” “Buffalo Wild Wings has been planning this for a long time, and she joined MGM in 2019.” “Right now, we’re only seeing the beginnings of partnership across the country.”

As bettors, we’ll continue to keep up with the latest food industry trends and inform our readers.

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